Yanassib Results

A look of the Lebanese Lottery (Yanassib lotto)

The Award of Lebanese Lottery comes second after the Lebanese Lotto Competition among the four competitions organized by the Lebanese Company. The lottery will be held once a week, every Thursday at 6 pm, under the supervision of representatives of the Ministry of Finance and in the presence of a large number of viewers and participants, as well as the live broadcast of the latest draw, which is transmitted live by the Lebanese TV channel.

The draw is done in the Lebanese Lottery Competition through a dedicated device that has been calibrated and randomized. The winning numbers are entitled to receive their prizes within 4 months from the date of withdrawal. If the prize is not received within that period, the winner will be withdrawn. All prizes are taxable as long as the award is more than 40,000 Lebanese pounds.

You can buy tickets from the dedicated outlets located in more than 1200 outlets in Lebanon, or through the Internet through the Lebanese company responsible for organizing the competition or the sites that are contracted with it.

You can buy a ticket to participate in the Lebanese Lottery or more. You can also participate in a ticket by buying only half a ticket. The ticket is worth 3000 Lebanese pounds. The prizes will be divided into regular prizes and the consolation prize is 150.000.000 Lebanese pounds, winning the number one, while the second prize is 75.000.000 Lebanese pounds.

If no card is sold at the Grand Lottery in the Lebanese Lottery, the draw will be re-awarded to win one of the Grand Prize memorabilia, but in this case the Grand Prize will be only 75,000,000 Lira (half the prize) It is migrated to withdraw the following week.

The following is a review of the results of the Lebanese Lottery 11/10/2018, the results of which were as follows:

  • The winning number for the grand prize in the draw is card holder number: 87681, and the prize amount is equal to LBP150,000,000, while the satisfaction prizes associated with the number are 1500000 for the following ten numbers: 87682 – 87691 – 87781 – 88681 – 97681 – 7680 – 87671 – 87581 – 86681 – 77681.
  • The second prize in the draw was for the card, which ends in 82611, worth 75.000.000 Lebanese pounds, and the prizes were the satisfaction of the 750,000, and won the following numbers: 82612 – 82621 – 82711 – 83611 – 92611 82610 – 82601 – 82511 – 81611 – 72611.
  • The third prize in the draw was for the card, which ends in numbers 05486, worth 5,000,000 Lebanese pounds, while the satisfaction awards associated with the number 1500000, for the following ten numbers: 05487 – 05496 – 05586 – 06486 – 15486 – 05485 – 05476 – 05386 – 04486 – 95486.
  • The fourth prize and the subsequent ordinary draw prizes are found in the site statistics to know and know the winning numbers and the associated satisfaction awards.
  • Many cards have won many big prizes from five-digit tickets and two categories (A, B), the largest of which was the prize number 0555-9815-5942 – and won 30 tickets worth 100,000 LBP.

Through the site, you can view all the statistics and know the results in detail, as well as know a lot of tips and recommendations that enhance your chances to win one of the Lebanese lottery prizes in the next draw scheduled for next Thursday, 18/10/2018.

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