Tricks and tips to win the grand prize in the Lebanese Lotto contest

The Lebanese Lotto Competition comes at the forefront of the interest of all Lebanese people, especially in recent years. This game has great chances of winning. You will not find a Lebanese citizen if you are not happy to win one of the previous draws. Next, this grand prize, which is under the supervision of the organs of the State and specifically the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Finance of Lebanon, increasing its popularity and credibility, as it is done in a completely random and distributed with the utmost justice and honesty. The Lebanese Lotto game that has been credited with changing the lives of many by winning the Grand Prize or even one of its first three awards.

A brief history of the Lebanese Lotto game

The Lebanese Lotto Competition carries the slogan of the smiling Lotto, which carries the optimism, happiness and luck of all the people of Lebanon and others who participate in this exciting game. It was re-launched in 2002, and from then on it sends a spirit of hope once a week for many to win, especially the lucky ones. , Which prompted officials in 2003 to change the timing to be pulled twice a week and to increase the chances of winning more players, and from then on Monday and Thursday is the day of happiness in Lebanon, where everyone is waiting at seven and a half minutes to be pulled in the competition and advertise directly for the winners and win the Grand Prize in the Lebanese Lotto through the Lebanese television and under the supervision of the Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs.

The most important tips and tricks to win the Lebanese Lotto

It is certain that the first goal for all Lebanese Lotto players is to win the grand prize of 150 million Lebanese pounds. This prize is about 1: 5245786. This percentage is very small despite the possibility of it. This is not surprising because there are some tips and tricks developed by the experts after studying the statistics to illustrate the nature and quality of the numbers that won previous competitions and their patterns. Here are the most important:

  1. Participate in your surplus money:

    Playing in any game depends on luck is high risk, so only share excess money for your daily needs, betting excess money will make you think carefully in the choice without fear and anxiety without psychological pressure, which contributes to increase Your chances of winning the Grand Prix in the Lebanese Lotto Competition, but if you bet on the money you need in your life, it puts your fears on the loss and does not let you think well about your choices.

  2. Pursuit of the grand prize in a positive way:

    Those who seek to win the grand prize to escape poverty and the desire to change the course of their lives have great fears, and this is often not lucky and loses, you have to play and you have a positive energy away from your emotions

  3. Share your friends to increase your chances of winning:

    You can also share your friends and relatives in a group that buys a bunch of numbers through a variety of card sets, increasing your chances of winning, and distributing the prize money to you and all of your friends. , Unlike sharing a single ticket with a very low winning ratio.

  4. Choose one of the winning numbers in previous competitions:

    The percentage of winning the winner of previous races in the Lebanese Lotto game up to 63% according to some statistics, this ratio is good to apply when choosing your favorite number.

  5. The odd or even numbers in the Lebanese Lotto game:

    The statistics also say that choosing a 6-digit card is all one or all of the same. A wrong choice should be avoided because it is almost impossible to win and win the grand prize. Your win is up to 82%, you only have to vary the numbers in the sense that you choose a card with 3 numbers and 3 odd numbers, or two pairs and four singles or vice versa.

  6. Select the total number of six card numbers:

    As indicated in the previous point in terms of choosing the quality of card numbers in the Lebanese Lotto, the total number of 6 ticket numbers should be between 100 and 158 to increase your chances of winning the Grand Prix by 70%. Check the statistics of the contests produced in the Lebanese Lotto in recent years.

  7. Diversification of Lotto ticket numbers between top and bottom numbers:

    The 42 figures in the Lebanese Lotto ticket are divided into lower numbers with numbers 1 to 21 and higher numbers with numbers 22 to 42. The winning statistics in the previous Lotto draws indicate that It is impossible to win a ticket with only high or low numbers, so you have to choose a ticket with four lower, two upper, four upper and lower numbers, 3 upper and 3 lower numbers or vice versa to raise your chances of winning the Grand Prix of the Lebanese Lotto Competition.

  8. Do not choose a ticket whose numbers end with repeated numbers:

    The statistics of the previous draws of the Lebanese Lotto game also indicate that the cards whose numbers end with 7 or 4 or similar numbers such as 3, 13,23,33 …. Do not win more than 2% , But in the case of the selection of a ticket with the end of the number is not repeated, the chances are high to win the Grand Prize for the Lebanese won up to 80%.

  9. Choose winning styles:

    always prefer to choose from winning styles because they are often repeated in winning more than inert styles. Therefore, statistics from past races in the Lebanese Lotto suggest that these numbers, which appear at a higher rate, your chances of winning the jackpot.

Finally, the Lebanese Lotto is one of the most successful games in the world, with a lot of fun and anticipation waiting to be announced by the winner of the Lebanese Lotto Grand Prix, which can reach up to 150 million Lebanese pounds. Lebanese government, which implements all standards of integrity, credibility and justice, Lebanese Lotto withdrawals are already a great competition and have contributed significantly to increasing economic income by improving the status of the winners who win their prizes. We recommend you through our website you may be lucky to win the Grand Prix in the Lebanese Lotto and become a list of the world’s richest in the blink of a eye and by sharing a few Lebanese pounds, if you adhere to the application of tips and tricks simple, which we have mentioned at the top, and luck beside you, Be sure that you will win the Grand Prix and become one of the world’s millionaires, so do not miss the opportunity and join immediately!

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