This Father Thought He Had Not Done Enough for His Family

Winning a huge lottery and fulfilling your dreams is definitely something huge. However, a lottery win is even better when it solves the problem of its winner. Some people are earning enough with their regular jobs but participate in lottery to fulfill some big dreams. On the other hand, some people are not so well-off and their purpose of lottery participation is to come out of the miseries of their lives. The happiness is twofold when such families. Today’s story is about a person who thought he had not done enough for his family. The lottery win was what you call truly life-changing for this person. Let’s hear his story from him.

I Was Always Worried about My Family

When my father decided to marry his brother’s daughter, I was not really willing for it. I told him that I wanted to marry someone only after becoming an established person. However, my dad said that he was marrying me to a girl who was not going to ask for luxuries and riches. In my mind, I was not satisfied with this answer. A wife does not have to ask for a comfortable life. Instead, it is the responsibility of the breadwinner of the family to give her a life that’s comfortable and pleasant.

However, I got married and since day one I was only half happy in my married life. My wife was not the problem. She never uttered a word about my financial condition, but it was my inside that used to call me out loud every day. I was living in a rented house and we were barely able to keep up with our monthly expenses. Going to a restaurant to eat something happened only once in many months for us. Time passed and I now had two kids: a daughter and a son. Seeing my children growing up in a rented house was just painful.

My Friend Told Me about the Lottery

So, while I was trying to make both ends meet with my regular job, one my friends told me about lottery. He said that I could change my life by winning a lottery. I did not pay much attention to what he was saying at first but the thought stuck in my mind. After a week, I was researching Lebanese Lottery on the internet. While researching the lottery, I landed on Lebanese Lotto website where I read many stories of people whose lives had changed because of lotteries. I looked at Zeed results and other lottery results, and it intrigued me. I said to myself that it was definitely an opportunity for me to change my life.

I started buying the tickets of the lottery regularly after that day. I participated in Lebanon Lotto because of the jackpot size. When I saw the prize table, I was surprised that I could become a millionaire by winning even the second prize in the game. Even the prize for the third winner was not small. Something inside me told me that this lottery was going to change my life. I was tired of borrowing money at the end of every month only to bring food for my kids. Me and my wife did not complain about the conditions, but we could not see our kids being deprived of the happiness of life.

I Won an Unbelievable Prize

I had been participating in the lottery for two years by now. I had not won anything but I did not lose hope. I had learned from the winner stories on Lebanese Lotto that persistence was the tool that had helped many of the players win big. I would look at Zeed results along with other lottery prizes to get motivation. I stuck to the original plan of not losing hope. However, the sight of seeing my kids grow up in the same rented house did worry me tremendously at times. The things were not going to remain the same for a long time now. It was a Monday when my life changed forever.

There will never be a Monday in my life as beautiful as the one that I am going to tell you about. It was 11 pm at night when I picked up my smartphone and thought of checking the results. I first checked the Zeed results casually. I was acting casual because I had no idea what was about to happen. As soon as I looked at the numbers and matched them with the ticket I was holding, I started hearing whistles in my ears. After a few minutes, everything went completely quiet. I could not hear anything. I wondered if I was even breathing at that time. I had become a millionaire by matching five numbers and the bonus ball. I can tell you that my prize money was huge.

I Gave My Wife the Biggest Surprise of Her Life

My wife was sleeping beside me when I checked the results. I shook her and woke her up. I asked her to turn her face to me. So, now we were both lying in the bed facing each other. I asked her this question, “What is that one thing about our lives that you want to change?” She looked at me puzzled for a moment and then replied, “I wish we would move to our own house one day.” I smiled at her answer and said these exact words to her, “What if I told you that everything, and I mean every single thing about our lives is about to change?” “What do you mean,” she said. I told her that I had won the second prize in the lottery and that we had become millionaires.

I Haven’t Forgotten about Others

My Lebanese Lotto win changed my life entirely. The life I live today is something I had not even dreamed of. I thank my God every night for the win. Today, I have given my family everything I had thought of giving them. In fact, we go to a restaurant to have an awesome family dinner every week now. However, I haven’t forgotten others who are still living like I was before I won the lottery. I run a business today and I help my employees in every possible way I can. I give them bonuses and have an open door policy where they can come to me whenever they want and get help with their financial issues. For me, I am the happiest man on earth today.

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