This Daughter Wanted to Help Her Father Build His Dream House

[:en]Lotteries can change people’s lives. How they change lives can be best understood when you read the stories of the people who have won big in a lottery. Every year, hundreds of lotteries around the world make thousands of people millionaires. Most importantly, these lotteries help these people make their dreams come true. Such is the story of this woman from Lebanon who wanted to build her father his dream house. Had it not been for the lottery, she might not have made it in time. Let’s take a look at how playing lottery on Lebanese Lotto changed this woman’s life.

The Story of My Father

This desire of building a house was not mine, but my father’s. He lived in a rented house when he married my mother. Despite the financial tightness, my parents had a perfect bond between them. I never saw my mom asking for anything that my father could not afford. At the same time, I had seen my father go out of his budget to buy unique gifts for my mom on her birthday. At one time, he even bought her a pair of earrings made of gold. My mother was happy and angry at the same time because she knew how expensive the gold was.

My father had told me once that he had promised my mom to build a dream house for her. He always wanted to buy a house for my mom from where she could see the ocean right from her bedroom window. He struggled and tried, but he could never have enough money to buy this house. At the rate he was saving his money, it would have taken him 40 more years to buy the kind of house he wanted to give as a gift to my mother. When I grew up and started going to college, I started thinking about my father’s wish strongly. He was doing everything to afford my education.

It won’t be wrong to say that his savings were not increasing because of my education expenses. I had to give back to him. I had to do something special for my father who had been so nice and generous to my mom and me.

I Made the Best Decision with My Pocket Money

I used to get some pocket money on a daily basis. One day, I heard that someone had won millions of pounds by hitting the Lebanese Lotto jackpot. This instantly gave me the idea of buying lottery tickets. I knew it was all about luck but in my mind I thought, “If I am doing it for something as noble as helping my parents, God will definitely help me.” So I started buying the Lotto tickets every week. I kept it hidden from my parents. Every week, I would check the lottery results on my phone using the Lebanese Lotto website.

After some months of thinking why I could not win, I realized that I should take help from the website I was using for my lottery tickets. I went to Lebanese Lotto website and started exploring it thoroughly. That’s when I found the statistics on the most frequently drawn numbers. This was it! I was going to use a number of these frequently appearing numbers from now on. I wrote down the ten most frequently appearing numbers and mixed a few of my lucky numbers in them every week while buying my tickets. I had this feeling that these numbers were going to win me some big prize.

The Impossible Happened

After one month of not winning any prize and my frustration going up, the big day finally came. I checked the results while coming back from college and I literally dropped my books and bag after looking at the results. By matching the five numbers and the bonus number, I was able to win millions of dollars. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I stood underneath a tree and confirmed the numbers 10 times before I finally believed that I had really won. I started walking home as fast as I could. My legs were shaking and that particularly day, the path to my house seemed longer than ever.

I Broke the News to My Father

I entered my house and went straight to the bathroom. I had to wash my face and compose myself, and wait for my dad to come back from work. It was already quite a big challenge to keep it a secret from my mom during all this time. So, my dad returned from work and now we were sitting on the dining table. In the atmosphere, there were sounds of cutlery only as we cleaned our plates. When everyone was done and my father was about to get up, I asked him to remain seated. I asked him this question, “Dad, how much do you think it will cost you today if you thought of buying your dream house for mom?”

He looked at me with a puzzled look first. I insisted and then he told me the cost. The cost he told me was less than half of the money I had won. And then, I showed him the ticket and waited for his response. He looked at the ticket and then at my face. That’s exactly when I told him the amount we had won. I could not see his reaction by the very next moment, I was in his arms and we were crying. My mom was crying while in her seat. All three of us cried and laughed for 15 minutes. After that, we began the journey into a changed life – a life we had only dreamed of.

If You Have a Firm Belief, Your Life Will Change

This is the message I give everyone I meet today. You just have to have a firm belief and a noble cause that you want to pursue. Just believe in yourself, keep asking for help from God, and think positively. Whether it is something that you want to do for your parents or yourself, you will get that with a positive attitude. Not to mention, if I can manage weekly lottery tickets from my pocket money, I don’t think buying a couple of tickets should be a problem for anyone.[:]

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