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The guide to the grand prize in the Lebanese Lotto Competition

The moment you step in the charming land of Lebanon, you will hear about the Lebanese Lotto and how all the Lebanese are interested in it of the first three prizes per share. Lebanese Lotto, it is already a wonderful competition and community contribution that contributed to the economy of Lebanon and to change the lives of a large number of participants in the competition.

The Lebanese Lotto was reinstated in 2002 and has a smiling Lotto logo that conveys to all Lebanese people an invitation to optimism that every chance of luck is a moment of smile and hope for a better life with the success of the competition was changed from 2003 to be twice a week, where the draw is on Monday and Thursday of each week, at seven and a half pm, and the draw is under the supervision of the Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs and the clouds are broadcast live through television Lebanon.

Types of Lebanese Lotto competitions

The Lebanese Lotto includes four famous and famous competitions, both in Lebanon and in the rest of the Arab countries. These competitions differ from each other, whether in the value of the prizes or the dates of withdrawal or even in the method of participation. Here is a simple explanation of the most important Lebanese Lotto competitions:

1 – Lebanese Lotto (Lebanon Lotto)

The Lotto Competition is the most popular of the Lotto competitions offered by the Lebanese company, as this award is distinguished by a great fame and a huge value that may exceed the amount of LBP 1,000,000 for the winner of the Grand Prize. To participate in this Lebanese Lotto, the player buys a ticket from the outlets or from the websites that have a good reputation, and this ticket will be composed of 6 numbers out of 42 numbers.

The card numbers are chosen by the player according to his or her will and according to the available ones, the greater the number of participants, the greater the prize money. The prize winners will be awarded on the specified dates of each week (Mondays and Thursdays of each week). The winning players will receive the amounts allocated to the prizes according to the schedules to be announced in advance. In order to win the card, there must be at least three of them in the winning numbers.

2 – Lebanese Lottery (Yanassib Lotto)

The Lebanese lottery competition is different from the Lebanese Lotto competition even though the organized company is one company. The Lebanese Lottery Competition is a one-week contest that takes place on Thursday every week at exactly 6am. The draw is for the Lebanese Lottery Awards in the presence of representatives of the Lebanese Ministry of Finance, during a live broadcast of the withdrawal process and in accordance with fair mechanisms that guarantee the fairness results of all the players. The Lebanese Lottery Ticket contains five numbers and one letter, and you can buy them from the sales outlets all over Lebanon or online through the company’s official website or the representative agents who have an official contract with the Lebanese organization organizing the competition.

The prize for the Lebanese Lottery has a maximum limit of 150 million Lebanese pounds. The numbers are drawn on the dates set for withdrawal, in public, in the presence of officials and observers, and through live broadcast on Lebanon TV channels. If the withdrawn number is not one of the numbers for which the cards are sold, another number is withdrawn, and so until a ticket is withdrawn to be the Grand Prize Winner, in which case the winner will receive 50% as announced.

The value of the Lebanese lottery ticket is 3000 Lebanese pounds, and the player can only buy half a ticket. In the event that the player wins a prize in the draw more than 40 times the value of the ticket, the prize shall be subject to a deduction equal to 10% of the prize value with a maximum limit of 150,000.000 Lebanese Pounds.

3 – daily withdrawal (Yawmiyeh)

A daily draw or a daily contest that comes in third place among the Lebanese Lotto competitions in terms of fame, as well as the low ticket value and the possibility of winning for more than once as long as the luck ally of the player. A daily contest is a competition that is organized on a daily basis, five days a week, from Monday to Friday. The player can participate in more than one ticket or in more than one day. The draw is done in the same way as the Lebanese lottery direct withdrawal and the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Finance for the withdrawal and random withdrawal mechanisms that ensure integrity in the outputs.

To participate in a daily contest, the player chooses one between daily 3, 4 or 5 daily, followed by one (0 to 9) in each row of the competition, and finally the choice between ” “He said. The value of the ticket ranges between 500 to 3000 pounds according to the player’s choices.

The higher the number of participants, the higher the prize values, the prize values will be determined in advance and before the draw will be made for the winning numbers. Therefore, the grand prizes will not be divided among the winners, but a card will receive the grand prize which may reach 120.000.000 Lebanese pounds.

4 – Pull Zaid Zeed))

Perhaps the name of the contest or the withdrawal of Zaid implies its meaning. It is a side contest that accompanies the Lebanese Lotto competition in a way that enhances the chances of players winning Zaid’s withdrawal if they are not lucky enough to win the Lebanese Lotto or maybe luck doubles them so that they win the Lebanese Lotto and also withdraw Zaid. Withdrawal of Zaid draws on the same dates as the Lebanese lotto (ie, Monday and Thursday of each week). It is a contest that can’t be played independently of the Lebanese Lotto, meaning that it is a second chance for more profit or to compensate for non-profit in the Lebanese Lotto.

Purchase of Zaid cards and a five-digit debit card. The draw will be random and win the numbers that match the result of the draw in full, five, four or three digits of the winning number or even two numbers. Each card with identical numbers will receive prizes according to specific tables and returns In advance.

Important tips to win the Grand Prix in the Lebanese Lotto

Anyone who participates in the Lebanese Lotto has a dream and a chance to win the grand prize of up to 150 million Lebanese pounds, but only lucky people are the winners. Although it is true that the clouds are randomly generated and the resulting numbers are completely random, following the theory of probability and the study and statistics of past draw downs for a number of years highlights the way to select Lotto card numbers that enhance the chances of winning the Grand Prix.

It is certain that according to the study of huge numbers of figures that won the Lebanese lottery and other lottery competitions, there are important rules that can be applied to enhance the chances of winning:

What is most likely usually happens a lot

What is less likely usually happens a bit

The probability of winning the Grand Prix in the Lebanese Lotto is 1 to 5245786, which is a very weak but achievable number. With probability theory, chances of winning increase, which we will try to reach through the following tips:

  • Even numbers and individual numbers in the Lebanese Lotto: If you are an amateur to choose numbers according to certain patterns, you should avoid choosing six numbers to be completely or completely odd. These patterns are rare, but in contrast, Or 4 singles / 2 singles, or 3 singles / 3 singles. In other words, you can choose between 6 double digits, 4 single numbers, 4 double digits, 2 single digits, 3 singles, and 3 doubles. According to the possibilities and statistics, this combination occurs 82% of all Lebanese Lotto withdrawals.
  • Upper and lower numbers in the Lebanese Lotto: 42 digits are selected for all cards in the Lebanese Lotto, and numbers 1 through 21 are called lower numbers, and numbers 22 to 42 are called upper numbers. The Grand Prix numbers were rarely counted from one section, either higher or lower. To form the best of these numbers, the probability strategy recommends 2/4, 4/2 or 3/3. The meaning is 2 of the lower numbers with 4 of the upper digits, or 4 of the lower numbers with 2 of the upper numbers, or 3 for each type of number.
  • Test all six numbers in the Lebanese Lotto: After you choose six numbers according to the previous tips, collect these numbers together, and make sure that the total number of digits is between 100 and 158, because the statistics for the previous contest results confirm that 70% of the winning numbers was Total between 100 and 158.
  • Repeat the selection of one of the winning numbers: According to statistics, the frequency of the number of previous wins in the Grand Lottery winnings of the Lebanese Lotto is up to 63%, which is a good possibility you can take into account when you choose the card number.
  • Share others to expand your chances of winning: Instead of buying one card and having the chance to win once and win the grand prize, you can share your friends and acquaintances in a common set of numbers together, enhancing your chances that the Grand Prize will be divided into Win the whole group.
  • Be positive in chasing the Grand Prix: Those who participate in the Lebanese Lotto contest to win out of poverty and have a fear of loss usually do not get lucky. Play positive energy in your mind and avoid being part of your options because those who are afraid of loss lose and who expect to win a positive card will work positive energy in good.
  • Avoid selecting patterns that end with duplicate numbers: Some choose repeating pattern numbers such as 3-13-23-33-43 or patterns that end with 7 or 4, these patterns rarely occur and their past incidence of withdrawals has not exceeded 2%, while the numbers ending with a non-repeated number according to statistics achieved a win rate of up to 80%.
  • Choose with direction: According to the statistics and studies that have been done on the results of previous draws, the numbers that appear in many and many of the winning patterns are usually more frequent than the inactive numbers, so the wisdom is called to go in the same direction of outputs to enhance your chances In the win.
  • Share the money you do not need in your normal life: participating in all kinds of lucky contests should be through extra money for your need and not the money necessary for your life. All of us know that the chances of winning the jackpot are very slim but they are manageable, and the luck and application of the tips we provide here are the factors that make you win the jackpot. So when you share the money you need, you will be anxious and nervous and it will negatively affect your life, which enhances your chances of losing, while sharing too much money gives you the quiet and opportunity to choose well without worrying and fear of not winning.

A model for winning odds for card numbers ending in 3 individual numbers and 3 double digits


Single numbersEven numbersNumber of wins
3 Singles3 Married32 times
2 Singles4 Married


16 times
4 Singles2 Married20 times
1 Singles


5 Married3 times
5 Singles1 Married9 times
0 Singles6 MarriedNot yet won
6 Singles0 MarriedOnce

This past statistic is taken from the last 81 Drawings in 2018, where we see that the tips we mentioned above occur at a higher rate than those typical choices, so you are following these tips and your chances of winning the Grand Prix of the Lebanese Lotto Competition will be greatly improved. In addition to this statistic, you will find on the site a large number of statistical tools that help you in making comparisons and draw conclusions to adopt your own strategy and enhance your chances of winning the Grand Prize for the Lebanese Lotto competition.

During the site you will find all the statistics associated with the configuration of numbers that we have talked about in the tips, you can view them and study their outputs in a way that makes you choose the numbers correctly, and do not forget to use random number generator, which is one of the wonderful tools that help you to choose according to the same strategy.

The integrity of outputs in the Lebanese Lotto

After learning about the types of Lebanese Lotto competitions, we learned how to participate in each type, when to launch the draw and what are the necessary conditions for participation. After we presented a group of expert advice according to the study of statistics and probability theory for the method of random withdrawal of winning numbers, we still have to pay tribute to the degree of integrity During which the numbers are withdrawn, because they are done in full view of competent committees and responsible supervisory bodies, and in front of millions of viewers through the television channels through Lebanon TV, which increased the popularity of competitions and make everyone eager to participate in the search for opportunities to win a lot of money by winning the Grand Prize for the Lebanese Lotto or one of the grand prizes.

You may be lucky to be the millionaire in the next draw, and from here buy your favorite Lotto card, and you have plenty of chances to win the Grand Prix in one of the four Lebanese lotto competitions. Register your subscription and apply for your card now regardless of where you live, whether in Lebanon or in any other country. Do not hesitate and take action now!

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