Lebanon-Lotto Results

Draw Date: 04/18/2019


Next Draw Date: 04/22/2019

Overview of Lebanese Lotto Results

Million viewers and participants are following the results of the Lebanese Lotto Competition on Lebanon TV and on the official website of the Lebanese Organization and on our website, on Mondays and Thursdays of every week in the hope that luck will be their ally and win the Grand Prize, which amounts to more than one million Lebanese pounds.

For more illustration, the Lebanese Lotto competition can be attended by anyone from Lebanon or from outside Lebanon by purchasing a 6-digit ticket out of 42 numbers and additional luck numbers to enhance players’ chances of winning. The lucky winner is random, and the winner of the corresponding 6-digit number wins the Grand Prize. The second prize wins the corresponding number of 5 digits and so on until the three-digit card holder.

In the draw on Monday, 08/10/2018, the results for the draw and prize values were as follows:

  • The winner of the Grand Prize is: 1- 6- 13- 23-37-38-26
  • Grand Prize Winner: None
  • The second prize winning card which has 5 digits + the additional lucky number won by 2 cards and the prize value is LE 67.111.648.
  • The card winning the second prize and match 5 digits won by 16 cards, and the prize value of 3.653.657 pounds.
  • The second prize winning card, with 4 numbers, won 1.014 cards, and the prize value is 57,651 Lebanese pounds.
  • The card that won the second prize and corresponds to the 3 numbers won by 16.105 card and the value of the prize 8000 LP.

It is worth mentioning that the Grand Prize has not been won by any player in this draw, nor won by any player in the previous draw and therefore has been the value of the withdrawal of the recent, which led to increasing the values of other prizes with a cumulative result, it is a study of the values of prizes distributed in Withdrawal of draw on Monday 08/10/2018 We will find that the value of the prize, which corresponds to 5 numbers + the additional lucky number won 2 cards and the prize value is 67.111.648 Lebanese pounds, while it was 57.391.340 Lebanese pounds in the previous draw.

You can see the analysis of winning numbers in the last draw to see how frequently numbers appear in a way that helps you choose your card numbers to be the winner of the next draw. Here are some useful statistics about Lebanese Lotto withdrawals in 2018:

  • The number of draws in which no one has won the Grand Prize is 3 times.
  • The biggest prize for the Lebanese Lotto was $ 3.379.630.
  • The smallest prize for the Lebanese Lotto Competition was $ 263,792.
  • The best days to win the largest amount of prizes in the Lebanese lottery were on Thursday at 64%, while in Monday’s draws it was 36%.
  • The ratio of odd numbers to even numbers during 2018 draws for the Lebanese Lotto Competition is 4/2, with a total of 20%.

Read the rest of the Lebanese Lotto Drawings through our website and learn about the secrets of profit and how to participate in the competition. You may be lucky to win the Grand Prix of the Lebanese Lotto Contest or one of the other big prizes. Feel free to grab the chance and experience the luck, why not! You may be the next millionaire!

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