A Lebanese woman wins Lotto award after four years of participation

Life has many stories and stories that we hear throughout history about people with success stories and a distinctive journey through which they managed to climb from the bottom to work with perseverance, determination and determination. But nowadays, reaching the summit and realizing dreams are simple and easy ways that do not require perseverance for years, a person can even realize that the person fulfills all his dreams in one moment and with a stroke of luck. The following is a story of a Lebanese lady lucky enough to win one of the Lebanese Lotto Awards after four years of continuous participation in those draws. Here are the details of the story to be an example of perseverance and renewed hope.

The story of Dima, winner of the Lebanese Lotto Award during the past months

My name is Dima Ezzeddin, a 42-year-old housewife from Baalbek, Lebanon, from a well-to-do family. She is married to a Lebanese man who works for a tourism company and has three boys, two boys and a girl in different stages of education. I dreamed so much that I and my family Small travel to a European country, but to the security conditions of the country, which affected tourism and suffered a great recession affected the financial possibilities of my husband and others working in the tourism sector in Lebanon.

Every morning, my husband went to work and my children went to school. I went to the market to buy my vegetables and fruit to prepare my family and some home supplies. Then I went back to the house and started preparing and preparing until they all came back and had lunch with each other and talk to each other. On the dining table and each of them tells the details of his day, and then my husband sleeps to get a rest before returning to work in the evening, while my children go to memorize their lessons and write homework.

I sit down in front of the TV to watch one of the series I watch regularly, but I am delighted to see the Lebanese Lotto draws, which usually take place every Monday and Thursday every week live, and see the winners and I ask Myself Are these draws real? Are the winners really getting their prizes? And other questions

She told me that she knew one wife who won the prizes. She assured me that if she had the money to buy a ticket, she would not hesitate to tell us that if she had the money to buy a ticket, she would not have hesitated. To participate in this competition that is supervised by the State, which increased my passion and preoccupation with this competition.

I decided to buy a ticket and participate in the competition, and the next morning I went to the market to buy home supplies and on my way back I went to one of the outlets selling tickets for the Lebanese Lotto competition, and there I chose a card bearing six numbers of numbers beloved by, And then returned to my house quickly to prepare my usual meals.

My husband and my children returned to the house and, as usual, we sat at the dining table for lunch. I told my husband about my purchase of the Lotto ticket, which he told me he had heard about and that many of his colleagues were talking about it, but he added that winning one of the prizes was very rare and that some of his colleagues had participated For a number of times and did not allow them to win any of them, which frustrated me very much and left me and went to relax before returning to work.

The beginning of thinking about the Lebanese Lotto Competition

The draw began, and I sat waiting in front of the television and I was all scared and waiting until it came at 7:30 pm and the clouds began to be in the presence of many government officials and other people I did not know. The draw was announced and the numbers of all the winning cards were announced, but I did not hear the number of my card, He told me that he had already assured me that winning this competition was rare and that there was no need to grieve and cry. He said it was just an experiment and ended. I forget the subject we will lose only a few pounds.

After this experience failed, I decided to forget the topic of my thinking completely, but after a few days I met a friend of mine and told her what happened about my participation in the Lotto contest and that I did not win any of her prizes. She told me what the problem is, She told me that she had heard about the random number generator program and how he could help me choose her number card, which is likely to win. That made me think again about the competition awards, and in my dream that I would travel to one of the countries European Commission.

Random number generator and enhanced win in the Lebanese Lotto

I read about the random numbers generator in the selection of a card likely to win the competition, and then decided to participate again and this time I bought the ticket through one of the Internet sites and resorted to the built-in random number generator program on the site, which chose me six distinct numbers, made me look good and hope made internal infiltration win This time, I spent my whole night dreaming that I had won the prize and achieved my dreams until the morning lights were nearing dawn. It took me a deep sleep for a few hours before I woke up to start my family’s usual mornings.

And this time I did not tell my husband to buy a lotto card, until the time came to draw and I was at the top of anticipation and anxiety, especially after the previous experience that I was not lucky, it came at seven and a half and the draw and the selection of winning cards, but unfortunately my card was not among these cards, More frustration.

Despite my frustration and sadness at not making a profit, I decided not to participate again in this competition, but I could not, and I bought a card every week for four consecutive years. During this period, my eldest son entered university and worked with him and my middle son in a certificate The completion of basic education, which increased my concern and despite this, I continued to buy lotto tickets without watching the draw.

So I came to a day that I have not forgotten for the rest of my life when I received a call from someone and told me that I had won one of the Lotto Lottery prizes worth five million Lebanese pounds. I was shocked by the surprise that I had long waited for and finally, I was fortunate enough to enjoy the past year’s benefit.

My husband came back from work and my children and told them what happened. They were unbelievable and thought it was just a joke. So we went and paid the prize. After that, I achieved my dream, which I dreamed so long. We traveled to France and spent an unforgettable vacation for the Lebanese lotto, as we bought a luxury car and a large house, but we saved part of it to secure the future of my children.

I wrote this story to anyone who has a dream and has not had the opportunity to achieve it. Every person who has the courage and courage to participate in the competition of the only player is only lucky, and who thinks that luck is far away from him, and that the Lebanese Lotto prize is unrealistic and includes favoritism and courtesy, They have a real and vivid example, where anyone inside or outside Lebanon, and through a Lebanese Lotto ticket worth about 1500 Lebanese pounds, with a blink of an eye and a stroke of luck, can win one of the many competition prizes that are held twice a week, become rich and fulfill all your wishes.


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