A Lebanese woman became a millionaire in a moment thanks to the Lebanese Lotto

There is no uncertainty that everyone in this life likes to be a millionaire, to have a life in which all the comforts and comforts of all his requirements meet, in the past the only way to achieve this goal is to work and effort and perseverance in a long way may take years, and perhaps After all this trouble, a person can only fulfill what is necessary. Today, however, the realization of this dream is very rich and can be achieved in a single moment. In a blink of an eye and a stroke of luck, this comes through ways and means completely different from the above, but these means and highways in achieving a dream wealth only need a person to be adventurous and challenging to be a lucky owner. Only a few lira can be on the list of millionaires of the world, and there are a lot of people who have achieved it but are not. Here we are telling the story of a Lebanese woman who has become one of the world’s richest people in a stroke of luck that came by accident. Here are the details so that you can be modeled to achieve the dream of getting rich quick.

I am a 45-year-old Lebanese woman. My name is Khadija bint Mohammed al-Faisal. I am from a simple, middle-class family. I work in a simple government job and my salary is not enough to buy a little of my needs.

I am a widow. My husband died a few months ago and I became the sole breadwinner of my family and my three children, which placed on my shoulders many of the obligations and huge demands that my salary and my husband’s pension can’t cover. Including tuition, books, references, and clothes, as well as living, eating, drinking, etc., but I have two daughters who need to be prepared for marriage.

After my husband’s death and one morning, two days later, I went to pay his end of service and pension. Then I returned to my office and sat at my office where I was working in a local government administrative job. I was at the top of my grief because the amount of service for my husband was very small And one of my colleagues came to work and asked why I had regrets after months of my husband’s death, but I told her what happened to me today, and about the magnitude of my responsibilities, which I can’t bear, the most men, and the few dues of my husband who were surprised With its value that will not clog something in the difficult circumstances that mother My children and I

I went back to my house and bought some things like vegetables and a little fruit. I was on my way home. I returned tired after a long day of work and tasks. I took some time on the bed to take a break and then prepared food for my children who came back. From their schools and universities

I went to spend some household things cleaning, vacuuming, arranging, washing dishes, spreading clothes, preparing tomorrow’s food and so on until dark. After all this, I sat in front of the TV to watch some programs or a series to make my mind take some comfort from thinking about the things my life and my children and how to repay their requirements with this small amount.

The television was broadcasting one of the serials at the seventh hour and was cut to broadcast the clouds of the Lebanese Lotto contest live, I sat watching and I was astonished by what I see, where an official in the Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs with some officials in the Lebanese Finance Ministry and other officials, And the announcement of the lucky winner who won the grand prize of 150 million Lebanese pounds.

I finished the clouds and closed the television and went to my bed but I could not sleep and I kept thinking about what I saw on the television screen and I am curious to know more about the Lebanese Lotto competition which reaches millions, and I thought a lot of questions about this amazing competition, so I only noticed The ears of dawn, I let go of thinking and took a deep sleep because I will go to my work early in the morning.

I woke up in the morning to the sound of the alarm clock, prepared the breakfast for my children and worked sandwiches for them, then went to my office and sat on an office as usual and began to look at the files that I have to review, but the risk of my Lebanese Lotto contest that I saw last night and left for some time until a colleague She told me that she watched them on television and enjoyed watching them. She told me some information. She ended up talking and went back to work. Suddenly, my friend told me that why not buy a Lebanese Lotto card and participate in this competition. The Drink a great, you can be lucky and Those grand prizes of them and become a millionaire, but I laughed and you told her that the ill-fated luckless.

My colleague’s words kept ringing in my ears and my mind was busy thinking about the possibility of participating in this game, and I tell myself that it might be the only way to solve my family’s financial problems, and I told myself why not? I may be lucky for my children, but how do I subscribe and what are the requirements for participating in the Lebanese Lotto Competition? I picked up my phone and went online and started looking for information about the Lebanese Lotto contest. A few minutes later I knew everything about the Lebanese Lotto contest.

I spent the whole night thinking about the Lebanese Lotto contest, do I participate or not? And do I have luck or not? I did not lose more than a few lira and so it took me to sleep, and the next morning I decided to buy a Lebanese Lotto card and to participate in the draw whatever the results.

The next morning I did not go to my business but went to one of the Lebanese lottery tickets. I bought one card and chose the six numbers in a smart way as I read about them on the internet. And also recommend that the numbers should not be the same. It also indicated that the numbers of the card are varied between odd numbers and individual numbers. The card numbers must be Lotto winning patterns within and not previously inactive withdrawals from the past and other important tips that you tried to apply well.

I bought my Lotto card and went back to the house and went back to my house before my children came back from school. We took the sparrow together; each of them went to school. I sat down thinking that I had won the grand prize and had a phone inside telling me that I would win the grand prize.

I went to my job and returned the food prepared and I do my homework and help my children in the study of their lessons and so on Thursday came the day to withdraw the Lotto contest, which I shared my card, a day I will not forget all my life, and sat on the television screen I watch the live broadcast To withdraw the Lebanese Lotto contest, and the time came at seven and a half and began the clouds in the presence of government officials, and after a few moments was announced the name of the winner of the Grand Prize and then my heart was beating at a frightening speed and I waited in silence until I heard my name was the biggest surprise, My children came after me in panic, but I told them everything that happened and the joy spread throughout the house

I got the grand prize money which is worth 150 million Lebanese pounds, part of which was allocated to my children’s expenses and bought their needs. We bought a beautiful car and another big house. I spent my children until they completed their studies, equipped my daughters and their wife, and helped my eldest son who became a doctor in open private clinic.

I write this story to prove that many may be lucky and win the Grand Prix in the Lebanese Lotto Contest, confirming that these draws are done with the utmost integrity and credibility. Just what you need to think about choosing a Lebanese lottery ticket and leave the rest to luck!

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