A Lebanese win three million lira from the lottery thanks to the birth of random numbers in the Lebanese Lotto

In these years, Lebanon had the hope and joy of every citizen concerned with a six-digit card and the prayers to win it. We are talking about the Lebanese Lotto contest, which is also true. It has changed the lives of many in one moment. In his life, or perhaps more than once for the lucky ones only, it is the first game of luck for the Lebanese people and others whose prizes are worth millions of lira twice a week. The Lebanese Lotto draws are fully supervised by the Lebanese government, which increases their credibility and integrity, but on the other side of the see it is unreasonable and passed of certain people! Here we tell the story of a Lebanese man on the pension won one of the Lebanese Lottery Awards, and you can understand what you like dear reader

The story of a winner in the Lebanese lottery thanks to the birth of random numbers

I am a Lebanese man who lives in a suburb of Lebanon. My name is Shahab Abu Jawdat. I am 64 years old. I was working in a government job before I reported retirement age. I have five children, two daughters and three boys. The girls have completed their education in the university.

When I went out on pension I applied for a job to continue in my job for several more years because my health allowed me to do so, but the request was rejected and I went to pay my end of service and monthly pension. I was very upset and overwhelmed. I was surprised by a small amount that did not meet my needs and the needs of my children. They are long to depend on themselves. My daughters are of the age of marriage, and every day many young people are asking to marry them, but I do not have what I’m going to do with them.

When I saw her, she asked me why. I told her what had happened. She hurt her. But moments later she  sat on my shoulder and told me that God would bless us with good things.

My children came back from their university and my daughters and their mother attended the meal. We sat down together to eat the evening and exchanged a dialogue. Each of them asked for a sum of money from the retirement bonus. The girls asked for new clothes and went out for a walk. I laughed with them and told them that I would execute each one of them because I do not have it. Others, the joy of all of them and did not know what I am but their mother and ended the dialogue at this point.

The boys and girls went to their rooms, and my wife and I sat thinking about it and how do we manage the house with this little pension? And how to tell our children the truth after the joy that was visible on their faces and replaced by sadness and fear and fear of the future, but we could not find any solution, I sat on my bed for a while and could not sleep and I came out of my room.

Dreams and ambitions to win the Lebanese Lotto Award

I sat on the television for a while and then went out to meet some of my old friends on the coffee, which we used to meet for many years every evening. We talk and spend some time, each one of us anxiously forgetting and forgetting for some time. But unfortunately, my situation was completely in control. I tried to find a job that would help me to carry out my responsibilities, or to try to invest the value of the reward in a small project and others, and then I asked them and returned to my house.

The night passed and did not felt any sleep fluctuating in my bed as I turned ideas in my head until I heard the voice of the dawn, and then I left thinking and I went to sleep.

I woke up from my late sleep and not as usual because of insomnia that struck me last night. I ate my breakfast and went out to find work suitable for my circumstances and my age. I asked some accounting offices, tourism companies, electronics companies, and others. I even asked in some clinics. At the earliest age they have health and strength reverse my circumstances completely, and after a lot of research and question, I found myself unable to put my feet on the ground returned to my home and I was disappointed.

I changed my clothes and told my wife what had happened. I ate some little food and I slept in my bed and took a deep sleep in the night until the morning.

The beginning of thinking about the random number generator and the Lebanese Lotto Award

I woke up early and went out to look for any opportunity to work but as usual I did not find and stayed on this situation for about a month, and throughout this period I did not meet my friends or sit on coffee, after a month and the continuous search for work in vain, I lost hope and did not go out again for the same goal, I went to see some of my friends, I went down early to meet my friends, I got up early and none of them came yet. I sat browsing some newspapers and I took a look at the numbers of tickets for the Lebanese Lotto competition, so I started to read the subject so carefully that I did not feel the arrival of some of my friends Next to me and looked at what I read.

I did not notice unless he tells me do you believe in this competition? I noticed him and told him that I was the first time I read or heard about her. He told me that many had won millions of them. I looked at him with unbelievable astonishment. He assured me that. I asked him to tell me more about this competition. The rest of the friends came and we sat all the time talking about prize winners. Lebanese Lotto Competition and how to subscribe to it and others until you know a lot about it.

I went back home and told my wife and children that we were having dinner at the Lebanese Lotto Awards and found them to know a lot about them. They also told me that choosing the right Lotto numbers in the right way would greatly contribute to winning the prize. One of my children added that the Random Numbers Generator The built-in contest program is very easy to choose from the lottery ticket numbers, so I asked him how? He replied that the random number generator in the Lebanese Lotto competition is working on selecting numbers that are likely to win through the numbers that were won in previous withdrawals, without the person chooses six numbers between pairs and singles or high or low numbers, or tries not to repeat the end of numbers and other patterns that people used to do when they chose six numbers for a ticket in one of the draws of the Lebanese Lotto Competition.

I was very impressed with the idea and found it the perfect solution to my problem in securing my children’s future. In the morning, on Thursday, I went to one of the Lebanese lottery tickets and purchased a card after I entered the random number generator program, which gave me six specific numbers, likely to win a big percentage in the next draw. In this port that the date of withdrawal is only a few hours before the draw, and also told me that the clouds are tilting TV screens at 7:30 exactly.

Random number generator and winning Lebanese Lotto withdrawals

I went back to the house carrying the Lebanese Lotto ticket and I hope to win one of the prizes in the Lebanese Lotto Competition, which filled all my thoughts and thoughts. Today I am very slow and I am waiting for 7:30 to get the clouds. But the evening came and I opened the television and sat waiting until I started withdrawing and advertising the winning numbers, but unfortunately did not mention my card numbers.

I did not despair in buying a ticket for the Lebanese Lotto contest for a month and follow all the draws on Monday and Thursday, until the chance of compensation and won in one of the draw prizes of those awards and worth three million Lebanese pounds, I told my family and the joy of the atmosphere of the house throughout the night so that we did not sleep Start.

We returned home and gave my children everything they dreamed of. We decided to establish a project that would secure the future of all my children, and thank God for everything

This was my story with the Lebanese Lotto Awards, and my only experience of this is that the only winner in winning one of the Lebanese Lotto Awards is luck and luck only, and everyone reads this story to draw from it as he sees it

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