A House for His Mom Was the Only Dream He Had

Lebanese Lotto is one of the biggest lotteries in the country that changes the lives of the people two times every week. The payouts in this lottery are huge and you can take home a life changing prize by even falling in the second and third prize winning category. Stories of people who won this lottery and fulfilled their dreams are aplenty. However, this is a unique story in which the son did not have any dreams for himself. The only dream he had was to buy his mother a house. Let’s take a look at how he decided to play Lebanon lottery and made that dream come true.

We Lived a Tough Life after My Father Died

I was only three years old when my father died in a car accident. My mom was a housewife and so she could not keep up with the expenses of the house. There were still payments due on the house that could only be paid with a steady stream of income. Things went downwards after the death of my father and we lost the house as well. We moved to a rented house and my mother started doing whatever jobs she could to feed me. She started with house cleaning and then went on to become a waiter in a nearby restaurant. Fulfillment of our monthly expenses relied a lot on the tips she received.

My mom proved to be a strong person and managed to provide for me and finance my education with her earnings from her job as a waiter. At first, she cried a lot whenever she thought of my dad. The wounds became deeper when we had lost our house. According to my mom, living in that house made her feel that dad was still around. Losing that house was quite painful for my mom. I always saw her talking about people decorating their homes, bringing in new furniture etc. After seeing all of that, she always said, “I will bring the best furniture when I have my own house.”

I always wondered how she was going to manage a house with the job she had. It was quite an inspiration to see my mom so hopeful despite the fact that the conditions we were living in could not have been worse. There was no way we were going to have our own house unless something unexpected happened.

I Promised to Buy the Same House Back for My Mom

When I reached university level, I had made up my mind that I was going to buy the same house back and give it as a gift to my mom. However, as soon as I entered my practical life, I realized that saving enough money to buy that house back was going to take more years than I could have imagined. But I was not going to let this dream of my mother go to waste just like that. I started looking for ways to make enough money quickly to buy the house. I even started doing some home-based work to earn some extra cash to save enough money to buy the house as soon as possible.

I Discovered Lebanese Lottery and Knew That Was It

While browsing on the internet one day, I discovered Lebanese Lotto and how I could play Lebanon lottery to become a millionaire. When I read the details of this lottery, went through the winner stories, saw the results, and took a closer look at the prizes, I was sure this was it. I was going to start buying the Lebanese Lotto tickets and get my mom the house back by winning a big prize. I had read about the odds as well. The fact that the odds of winning were very tough did give me a setback at first. However, I mustered up my courage and vowed that I I was going to buy the Lebanese Lotto tickets every week.

It Only Took a Year to Win Big

I kept my promise and participated in the lottery every week. Sometimes, I even bought multiple tickets to increase my chances of winning. I did not get lucky but I am not the person who loses hope that quickly. I was still hopeful and I kept buying the tickets regularly. This one Thursday, my life changed forever when I landed in the second prize winning category. When I looked at the prize I literally blacked out. I fainted and woke up after five minutes. I had won more than 200,000,000 LBP. I was the only winner in this category so everything that I had won belonged only to me.

I never let my mom know about my win. I collected the prize from the officials, hired a financial advisor to help me with my finances. I also hired an attorney to help me with taxes. The next big thing I did was that I contacted the family living in that house. Luckily, this guy was already thinking of relocating and told me he was about to list the house for sale. I heard his demand and offered him the price he asked for the house without negotiating a bit.

I Took My Mom Back to the House

So, after I had completed all the paperwork and documentation of the house and it was mine, it was time to reveal the truth to my mom. I returned from office that day and told my mom I was going to take her somewhere. Midway, I blindfolded my mom and told her that I was going to give her a surprise. I took her into the house and when she was inside, I asked her to remove her blindfolds. She looked around but could not recognize where she was at first. After one minute of puzzling looks, she realized she was back in her house that she had lost more than 20 years ago.

I Can’t Thank Lebanese Lotto Enough

I can’t thank Lebanese Lotto enough for changing my life completely, and I can never forget the day when I first decided to play Lebanon lottery. I used to pick my numbers after looking at the statistics on the Lebanese Lotto website. I picked the hottest numbers and kept doing that for a year. I had faith that I was going to do it for my mom and I did. I have to say, my mom has quite a choice when it comes to household things and furniture. The furniture she brought in the house is something that stuns people when they come to my house. I am happiest person on this planet for retuning the biggest happiness of my mom back to her.


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