Lebanese lotto- He Mixed a Little Bit of Hard Work with Fortune to Win Millions

When you read the stories of those who have become millionaires with lotteries, you learn a lot of lessons. For some, it was pure luck, but for some, it involved some hard work as well. Today, you will read the story of someone who had been trusting his luck for a long time but won big time only after he brought some hard work into the mix.

In Luck, I Believed

I am Jawad. I have been married for 16 years and have two daughters and a son. I have been working different jobs since I entered the practical life. I never thought of my life beyond my nine to five job. I just knew I had to go to the office every day, save some money from my salary every month, and support myself after retirement. However, my thoughts started to take a new turn when my first daughter was born. And these thoughts constantly clouded my brain as time passed. While trying to get a job with a good salary, I thought I should try something unusual.

I am a big believer in fortune, luck, and miracles. With those beliefs, I started buying lottery tickets every week using the Lebanese Lotto platform. In the beginning, I kept it a secret from my wife. Of course, it could not have remained a secret forever and she came to know about it one day. After that, I handed over the job of buying the ticket and checking the numbers to my wife. I had told her how to use the random number generator on Lebanese Lotto, and she would do accordingly every week and buy a single line. This went on for years but I did not win anything during all this time.

Despair Took over My Wife

After so many years of choosing random numbers, checking the results every week, and not winning, it was finally over for my wife. She could not take it anymore. She started asking me to stop and not buy tickets anymore. The strong believer of luck which I was, I could not have done that. Even though, I had started to feel the ripples of disappointment forming in my heart as well. My wife and I would often talk about why we could not match even a single number. And then, I made up my mind that I would not buy another lottery ticket again.

However, every time I looked at my daughters and son, I could not help but end up buying the ticket. How could I let them live the life they were living? I know they were studying, but I knew I did not have the money to support them with higher education. In addition to that, I could not offer them the luxuries of life that they saw their friends enjoying. My wife felt the same but buying lottery tickets was not going to cut it for her anymore. Once again, I was left with doing this job on my own.

I Mixed Hard Work with Luck

So, one day when I was using the internet, this particular quote came on the screen, “The harder you work, the luckier you get.” This particular quote hit me hard. I started thinking about my lottery tickets. I believed in luck, but where was the hard work? So, I go on Lebanese Lotto website and start looking around for something that I could do differently from just creating random numbers and buying them. That’s when my sight landed on the “statistics” section on the website. This section encouraged me to do some research on the past results to know which numbers appeared the most and which appeared the least.

I Picked My Numbers Based on My Research

I had now made up my mind that I was going to mix luck and hard work this time. So, I picked the first three numbers using the random number generator whereas I picked the last three with my research. I picked the most frequently appearing numbers. On the next drawing, I was hoping for something big to happen. Something in my heart was telling me that it was my big day. I opened the website, went to the results page, asked my wife to come to sit next to me, and started matching the numbers.

I Had become a Millionaire

I started matching the numbers and after I had checked all the numbers, I landed in the second prize category. I instantly looked at the prize for the second tier winners. I could not believe my eyes when I found out that the second prize was more than three hundred million Lebanese pounds. I was looking at my wife and she was looking at me. We did not say a word. After a minute of complete silence, we hugged each other and it was raining tears the next moment. How could I stop crying? Years and years of hard work at my job, hundreds of nights of worries and stress, and I had was finally so close to the dream I had been carrying with me.

It was unbelievable. That moment was surreal but I it was more real than reality. I had never felt that way before. I can’t explain what state of mind I was in at that moment. All the things that had worried me every night before going to sleep had suddenly taken a bus and waved goodbye. I was left alone in a place that was my kingdom. From now on, I was going to live life by my own rules.

You Can be a Millionaire Too

Believe me, I am no one special. I haven’t done something so big in my life to deserve what I got. Just like me, you could win millions of pounds by participating in the lottery as well. My only advice to you is that you too should use the statistics from Lebanese Lotto before picking your numbers. Mix a few of the hot numbers with your lucky numbers. Once you have done that, think positive and hope for the best to happen. If there is one way for you to feel how I had felt when I won the lottery, it is you winning the lottery too.[:]

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