He Did Not Believe in Fortune before Lebanese Lotto Changed His Life

The lottery is a game of luck, and only the winners understand that the best. Most of the people who have not taken part in a lottery can be very skeptical about lotteries on the whole. What they don’t realize is that hundreds of people are made millionaires around the world every week, thanks to the lotteries in hundreds of countries. If you think it is a game for poor countries, you need to rethink. The biggest lotteries in the world belong to the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, etc. Today, we will tell you the news about a winner who did not believe in luck before he became a winner.

I Used to Laugh at Talks of Luck and Fortune

I was married to the person I love the most. My wife and I are what you would call a perfect couple. We have our conflicts but we like to laugh them off. One of the things that we could never agree on was a fortune. My wife always asked me to believe in luck. In response, I would give all the logic in the world to prove that fortune was nothing. Oftentimes, she would talk about lottery winners to prove her point. My response to that was always laughter – big proud laughter. We argued about fortune almost every week without reaching any conclusion.

So, this particular day, my wife was ready to change my beliefs. We sat down to talk and she said she wouldn’t argue. I was shocked. How could she not argue? Wasn’t she interested in convincing me anymore? Did she just forget the joy of making someone say, “I was wrong”? To my surprise, she had a plan in her head. This is what she said to me, “No more arguments. You are buying lotto tickets and you will keep buying them until our next wedding anniversary. If you don’t win anything, I will admit there is no fortune. If the opposite happens, you admit you were wrong.” Immediately, I said yes.

I Buy My First Lotto Ticket on Lebanese Lotto

So, I landed on Labenese Lotto website for the first time. I did not know what I had to do. Thanks to the easy layout of the website, I figured everything out within five minutes. So, I just had to choose six numbers on the grid, fund my account to buy the ticket, and wait for the results. I was laughing throughout the process, but what kept surprising me was my wife’s face. Her face was content and calm, as though she knew she was going to win. I don’t know from where that conviction came into her.

While buying the tickets, I was choosing a number by recalling our dates of birth, house number, phone number etc. That’s when she yelled, “Let’s make it completely random.” She asked me to use the Lebanese Lotto random number generator. I looked at her from the corner of my eyes once, but then I proceeded to use the random number generator option. We had promised were going to pick only one set of number every week even though advanced grid options were available.

I Was Ready to Embarrass My Wife

Four months had passed by now and we had not won a single pound. It had turned into a joke for me. I would come back from my office every day and look at my wife with a meaningful smirk. She knew I was pulling her leg. But I have to say here that I did not like the signs of despair on her face. I liked her optimism more than anything. In my heart somewhere, I was sad for her sadness. It was only one month until our wedding anniversary and I was ready to prove my point i.e. fortune did not exist.

And Then the Unexpected Happened

It was a Monday. We just had our dinner and went to bed. I looked at her and said, “Want me to check the lotto results?” She said yes with a dull voice. So I looked at the numbers on my ticket and start matching them one by one with the drawn results. The looked at the screen, and then I looked at my ticket. One by one, I matched five of the numbers. One of the numbers, however, did not match. But when I looked at my lucky number, it had matched as well. The prize money was more than LBP 100,000,000. I was shocked, stunned, and stoned.

I kept looking at the ticket and screen back and forth like crazy. My wife, on the other hand, was not even noticing me. Finally, I returned to my senses. I looked at the numbers again. Yes, we had won the second prize and we were now technically LBP 100,000,000 richer. I turned to my wife and said, “Let’s forget about the lottery for a minute and tell me one thing. What if I asked you that I could take you one place in the world and it could be any place, where would it be?” She looked into space thinking, and said, “Niagara Falls, Canada”. I said, “What if I told you to pack your bags because we are leaving for Canada in a week and that I believe in fortune?”

Her eyes opened wide because she had realized what I wanted to tell her. She was stunned and unusually quiet. I had to check her pulse to confirm she was alive.

I Believe in Fortune Now

I can’t even imagine the life I was living before my lottery win. Today, I am a completely different person. I am glad that money has humbled me and my wife. We have a beautiful daughter now. I have named her Amal, which means hope. Had I not agreed to participate in Lebanon Lotto that day, I would not have been living the life I am living today. And what if I had just decided to pick my own numbers? I don’t think I would have won this much had I not used random number generator from Lebanese Lotto. Today, I think my wife and Lebanese Lotto for where I stand today. Most importantly, I thank God for being so generous to me.

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