An Egyptian living in Lebanon wins the Lebanese Lotto Award

Achieving wealth and money has a variety of ways and means, each person looking for access to it from his point of view and ways available to him, some looking for them through hard work and perseverance in the specialty of his work, and some looking for them in gambling games, and some find them in investment and trade and other miscellaneous ways , There is also a safe and sophisticated way to be on the list of millionaires, this method makes you one of the richest people in the world in the blink of an eye and overnight and in one stroke of luck, this method is the Lebanese Lotto wonderful contest, which requires only a few lira and a good selection of numbers  and the ticket you buy from one of the outlets or online. Here we tell you the story of one of the Egyptian men residing in Lebanon who was lucky and won the grand prize in withdrawing the Lebanese Lotto game and became a big money in one moment! Here are the details to be an incentive for you to participate in that competition.

The story of the Egyptian winner of the Lebanese Lotto Grand Prize

I am an Egyptian man named ‘Alaa Muhammad Ali’ and I am 50 years old, from a poor family, because of my family’s difficult circumstances. I have only a little education. I work in the construction sector. I am a construction worker. I am married. I have five children, all of them in different stages of education. In my country, I decided to travel for my family’s livelihood and even to be able to secure my children’s needs to complete their university education so that they would not go through what I was going through.

I have been working for a long time and I make a great effort to get a few hundred lira. I spent part of it on my own needs and the rest I transfer to my family in Egypt, and I continue to do so for many years. I have been deprived of the tenderness of my family and missed seeing my children. The day I will return and settle in my country between my family after I have completed my letter and secured the life of my children and I have some money that fills my needs when I get old.

One day a friend of mine came to me on the job site and he appeared to be a rich man. He stopped some time with my colleague and gave him some money. Then he went to the shop. What happened was intriguing, which led me to ask my colleague about his relationship with this person. He told me that this man was one of his relatives. He used to work in the same profession before he took part in the Lebanese Lotto Competition and won the Grand Prix and became one of the richest people in the country. He said that this man left this profession and bought a large piece of land and built A large residential tower began to invest in this thanks to the Lotto Award The Lebanese who turned his life upside down and ended our dialogue at this point, but the words of my colleague kept repeating in my ears throughout the day and even after I returned to a place of residence.

The beginning of thinking about the Lebanese Lotto Competition

After I returned to a residential place and took a warm bath and ate my dinner I sat down to watch TV before I go to sleep because I wake up early, but it was surprising that one of the draws of the Lebanese Lotto contest was broadcast live on television, and that was attended by many people and officials, Minutes of the withdrawal and announcement of the name of the person who won the Grand Prize, and from the time did not stop my mind for a moment thinking about that wonderful contest that could in a single moment and in a stroke of luck to convert a normal person to millionaire of large sums of money, and I kept thinking until it took in. deep sleep.

I woke up early in the morning and went to work and there I met with my colleague who told me about his friend who won the grand prize in drawing the Lebanese Lotto game, and I decided to know everything about the contest and how to participate in it and what its terms and what is the value of the Lebanese Lotto ticket and other information.

I understood all this information and matured the idea in my head and after thinking not much I decided to buy a card to participate in the Grand Prize draw in the Lebanese Lotto competition, and immediately went to an Internet office and you bought the ticket from a reliable website.

I am dreaming of winning the next draw of the Lebanese Lotto Competition, which will make me finish my years of exile and return to my children and I am loaded with millions of lira to achieve all that they dream until the promised day. I waited in front of the television screen to follow the withdrawal of the competition and announce the name of the lucky winner of the grand prize, But to the great shock, was announced the name of the winner of the other person, and I was in the most difficult situations and my cases strange mixed between sadness and disappointment and frustration and others, night I did not taste the taste of sleep until morning, which I could not go to work and spent the whole day and I found my colleague who came to ask me about the reason why I did not go to work today, and why I was sad and disappointed in my face. I told him about my participation in the Lebanese Lotto competition and my disappointment in not winning, And I was expecting to see him sad for my grief and a measure of my circumstances but I found him burst out laughing and said to me and what is the problem if you do not win the Grand Prize this time, winning this award is for those who are lucky, as he also confirmed to me that some people win from the first participation, and some win after twice, and there are winning after many posts, you do not have the frustration and control you disappointment, persevere to achieve your dream and share again and make sure that luck will ally you this time but know this competition well before Buy the ticket, sat down with me a bit and went on.

I found that his words had a lot of rationality and wisdom, which convinced me to participate again. I did as he told me and I started looking for more information about the Lebanese Lotto Competition. I found that the competition was conducted with great honesty and credibility under the supervision of the Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs. I have also read some tips to choose the six numbers for the Lebanese Lotto card. These tips contribute to the selection of a ticket that has a great chance of winning. After knowing all this information, I made sure that I chose my card Previous time in the wrong way.

Lucky and insist your way to the jackpot

After a few days, I got rid of my disappointment and went to one of the outlets of the Lebanese Lotto tickets. I bought a ticket that you chose very carefully. I made sure that the six numbers are varied between single and double numbers. They are also varied between high and low numbers. It has won previous races, and the end of non-recurring numbers and other important tips, which gave me some confidence in winning this time the grand prize for the Lebanese Lotto competition.

The day came to withdraw the Lebanese Lotto Competition and this day I will not forget it all my life and I sat in front of the TV screen to wait for the time of the draw and announce the name of the winner of the Grand Prize. The minutes passed like an eternity of time. Finally came the time of the announcement of the lucky and the winner of the Grand Prize. I did not get out again, but then I heard my name mentioned on television, and I was in a terrible silence of joy and surprise at the same time, and minutes later I began to calm down and breathe well and bit my night and I was at the top of joy and happiness and I feel that the power of fate has opened to me.

I bought a grand car and a car for my wife and another for my children. I bought a luxury villa in one of Cairo’s high-end neighborhoods. The rest was a project to secure my future and the future of my children.

Finally, I would like to explain why I wrote my story, which is to be an incentive for many who are frustrated by the first experience and to assure some of those who suffer in their lives without the spirit of adventure and fear of failure. It may be one adventure and you are lucky to become one of the richest in the world.

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