This Father Thought He Had Not Done Enough for His Family

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Winning a huge lottery and fulfilling your dreams is definitely something huge. However, a lottery win is even better when it solves the problem of its winner. Some people are earning enough with their regular jobs but participate in lottery to fulfill some big dreams. On the other hand, some people are not so well-off and their purpose of lottery participation is to come out of the miseries of their lives. The happiness is twofold when such families. Today’s story is about a person who thought he had not done enough for his family. The lottery win was what you call truly life-changing for this person. Let’s hear his story from him. read more

He Did Not Believe in Fortune before Lebanese Lotto Changed His Life


The lottery is a game of luck, and only the winners understand that the best. Most of the people who have not taken part in a lottery can be very skeptical about lotteries on the whole. What they don’t realize is that hundreds of people are made millionaires around the world every week, thanks to the lotteries in hundreds of countries. If you think it is a game for poor countries, you need to rethink. The biggest lotteries in the world belong to the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, etc. Today, we will tell you the news about a winner who did not believe in luck before he became a winner. read more

Tricks and tips to win the grand prize in the Lebanese Lotto contest

The Lebanese Lotto Competition comes at the forefront of the interest of all Lebanese people, especially in recent years. This game has great chances of winning. You will not find a Lebanese citizen if you are not happy to win one of the previous draws. Next, this grand prize, which is under the supervision of the organs of the State and specifically the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Finance of Lebanon, increasing its popularity and credibility, as it is done in a completely random and distributed with the utmost justice and honesty. The Lebanese Lotto game that has been credited with changing the lives of many by winning the Grand Prize or even one of its first three awards. read more

An Egyptian living in Lebanon wins the Lebanese Lotto Award

[:en]Lebanese lotto winner[:]

Achieving wealth and money has a variety of ways and means, each person looking for access to it from his point of view and ways available to him, some looking for them through hard work and perseverance in the specialty of his work, and some looking for them in gambling games, and some find them in investment and trade and other miscellaneous ways , There is also a safe and sophisticated way to be on the list of millionaires, this method makes you one of the richest people in the world in the blink of an eye and overnight and in one stroke of luck, this method is the Lebanese Lotto wonderful contest, which requires only a few lira and a good selection of numbers  and the ticket you buy from one of the outlets or online. Here we tell you the story of one of the Egyptian men residing in Lebanon who was lucky and won the grand prize in withdrawing the Lebanese Lotto game and became a big money in one moment! Here are the details to be an incentive for you to participate in that competition. read more

A Lebanese win three million lira from the lottery thanks to the birth of random numbers in the Lebanese Lotto


In these years, Lebanon had the hope and joy of every citizen concerned with a six-digit card and the prayers to win it. We are talking about the Lebanese Lotto contest, which is also true. It has changed the lives of many in one moment. In his life, or perhaps more than once for the lucky ones only, it is the first game of luck for the Lebanese people and others whose prizes are worth millions of lira twice a week. The Lebanese Lotto draws are fully supervised by the Lebanese government, which increases their credibility and integrity, but on the other side of the see it is unreasonable and passed of certain people! Here we tell the story of a Lebanese man on the pension won one of the Lebanese Lottery Awards, and you can understand what you like dear reader read more

A Lebanese woman wins Lotto award after four years of participation

Life has many stories and stories that we hear throughout history about people with success stories and a distinctive journey through which they managed to climb from the bottom to work with perseverance, determination and determination. But nowadays, reaching the summit and realizing dreams are simple and easy ways that do not require perseverance for years, a person can even realize that the person fulfills all his dreams in one moment and with a stroke of luck. The following is a story of a Lebanese lady lucky enough to win one of the Lebanese Lotto Awards after four years of continuous participation in those draws. Here are the details of the story to be an example of perseverance and renewed hope. read more