A House for His Mom Was the Only Dream He Had

Lebanese Lotto is one of the biggest lotteries in the country that changes the lives of the people two times every week. The payouts in this lottery are huge and you can take home a life changing prize by even falling in the second and third prize winning category. Stories of people who won this lottery and fulfilled their dreams are aplenty. However, this is a unique story in which the son did not have any dreams for himself. The only dream he had was to buy his mother a house. Let’s take a look at how he decided to play Lebanon lottery and made that dream come true. read more

This Father Thought He Had Not Done Enough for His Family

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Winning a huge lottery and fulfilling your dreams is definitely something huge. However, a lottery win is even better when it solves the problem of its winner. Some people are earning enough with their regular jobs but participate in lottery to fulfill some big dreams. On the other hand, some people are not so well-off and their purpose of lottery participation is to come out of the miseries of their lives. The happiness is twofold when such families. Today’s story is about a person who thought he had not done enough for his family. The lottery win was what you call truly life-changing for this person. Let’s hear his story from him. read more

This Daughter Wanted to Help Her Father Build His Dream House

[:en]Lotteries can change people’s lives. How they change lives can be best understood when you read the stories of the people who have won big in a lottery. Every year, hundreds of lotteries around the world make thousands of people millionaires. Most importantly, these lotteries help these people make their dreams come true. Such is the story of this woman from Lebanon who wanted to build her father his dream house. Had it not been for the lottery, she might not have made it in time. Let’s take a look at how playing lottery on Lebanese Lotto changed this woman’s life. read more

Tricks and tips to win the grand prize in the Lebanese Lotto contest

The Lebanese Lotto Competition comes at the forefront of the interest of all Lebanese people, especially in recent years. This game has great chances of winning. You will not find a Lebanese citizen if you are not happy to win one of the previous draws. Next, this grand prize, which is under the supervision of the organs of the State and specifically the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Finance of Lebanon, increasing its popularity and credibility, as it is done in a completely random and distributed with the utmost justice and honesty. The Lebanese Lotto game that has been credited with changing the lives of many by winning the Grand Prize or even one of its first three awards. read more