The Lebanon Lotto


Since the dawn of time, there have been chance-based competitions and lotteries which piqued people’s interest and allowed people to win huge sums of money. Those who were lucky won abundant riches. In Lebanon, the most popular competition is the Lebanon Lotto, which is hugely popular and unparalleled in its success. This enabled the value of the Lebanon Lotto and Lebanese Lottery grand prizes to be increased to more than a million Lebanese pounds.

Furthermore, the Lebanese Company offers four types of lotto competitions which all involve a draw. These competitions are:

  • The Lebanon Lotto
  • The Lebanese Lottery
  • The ‘‘Youmiyah’’ draw
  • The ‘Zeed’ draw.

Below is a description of the most important features of the four competitions.

Lebanon Lotto


It is a well-known fact that everyone without exception is seduced by the dream of being rich. Because of this, entering the Lebanon Lotto, as already mentioned, is considered to be a way of making this happen. By entering the draw, you can achieve your financial goal and you, as the individual, are guaranteed a path towards riches. What characterizes Lebanese society is the fact that the abundant cultural wealth varies, so the Lebanon Lotto is extremely popular. There is widespread participation in every Lebanon Lotto contest, which is considered an effective means to attain riches for those who are lucky. Likewise it is a positive way of distributing wealth to the people and to society through the sizeable prizes which the winners receive.

What is the Lebanon Lotto?


The Lebanon Lotto is a competition running in Lebanon to serve Lebanese society. It is a competition in which the players choose 6 numbers from the original 42 numbers (6/42). These numbers are from 1 to 42. The prize draw happens twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays.  The draw picks out 6 numbers and one bonus number to increase the chance of winning. The results of the draw are instant and these are checked against the players’ numbers in order to announce the winning numbers which will receive a jackpot of more than one million Lebanese pounds. Additionally, the draw of the competition numbers is completely random in order to guarantee the integrity of the results. Despite the fact that the draw is random, you can find a number of recommendations which may increase your chance of winning in the Lebanon Lotto and therefore your chance of a good return from this competition.

The Lebanese Lottery (Lotto Yanassib)


Lebanese citizens can participate in the Lebanese Lottery by buying draw tickets from businesses linked to the competition, or they can participate online from any place in the world. The Lebanese Lottery draw takes place on Thursday evenings and it is broadcast on Lebanese television. The National Lebanese Lottery is monitored by a lieutenant general from the Lebanese Ministry of Finance and is completely computerized to guarantees the integrity of the results.

The Lebanese Lottery draw is very simple: every ticket contains five numbers and letters. To find out if you have won, you can watch the draw on your television screen or you can visit the competition’s official website.  If there are no winning tickets for the prize of 150 million Lebanese pounds, then it passes to another ticket until there is a winning ticket. In the case, the winner receives half the value of the grand prize, which is about 75 million Lebanese pounds.

All you have to do to in order to participate in the draw for the Lebanese Lottery grand prize is buy a ticket and watch the draw. The ticket costs 3 thousand Lebanese pounds and you can buy half a ticket. If more than 40 tickets are bought, the price of the ticket decreases, as there is a discount of 10% on the value of the prize to account for taxes. The maximum limit on the prize is 150 million Lebanese pounds.

‘Youmiyah’ (Daily Draw)


The ‘Youmiyah’ Draw is considered to be one of the best luck-based competitions that the Lebanese people can take part in. It consists of a daily number draw which takes place five days a week from Monday to Friday, and players take part in it by buying tickets. It is broadcast live on television screens every evening (on Channel LBC1). Moreover, the competition is completely monitored by the Lebanese Ministry of Finance in order to guarantee the integrity and impartiality of the results.

How to Participate in the ‘Youmiyah’


The ‘Youmiyah’ is one of many daily games of chance which appeal to much of the Lebanese population. It has very simple rules and a high probability of winning.  To take part, the players choose between ‘Youmiyah’ 3, ‘Youmiyah’ 4 and ‘Youmiyah’ 5, then they choose a number between 0 and 9 on every row. After that they bid a sum between 500 and 3000 Lebanese pounds. Then they choose “at-tartib li-yakoon” (“the actual order”) of the rotation or “hayya allah” (“God’s will”).

The value of the ‘Youmiyah’ prize is fixed in advance and is not linked to number of winning tickets. The prize profits aren’t divided among the winners; instead the daily prize amounts to 120 million Lebanese pounds.

‘Zeed’ Draw (The Increased-Chance Draw)


The ‘Zeed’ Draw takes place alongside the Lebanon Lotto, and therefore happens twice a week (on Mondays and Thursdays). You can buy ‘Zeed’ tickets by buying Lebanon Lotto tickets from various sellers in Lebanon or online. This means that you cannot enter the ‘Zeed’ Draw without entering the Lebanon Lotto.  The ‘Zeed’ Draw involves a machine which randomly selects five numbers on the day of the draw. The players whose numbers match those selected (they need between two and five matching numbers) win a proportionate amount of the prize which was previously announced in the competition. Accordingly, the ‘Zeed’ Draw is considered a fantastic addition for the Lebanon Lotto participants since it increases their chance of winning.

At the present time, the four Lebanese lotteries have become the most famous and most important lotteries in the Arab world. You can take part in them if you live in Lebanon or any Arab country by buying tickets from specialist sellers linked to the lottery organizations or on the Company’s official website which provides other special services and is quicker, or through many advisory offers, which increase the participant’s chances of winning.  It is worth noting that all of the four prize draws are completely monitored by the Ministry of Finance and are completely random to guarantee integrity. They are also broadcast on Lebanese television.

Don’t let the opportunity pass you by – hurry to enter one of the four competitions or more! Maybe luck will be on your side and you will win one of the grand prizes guaranteed to change your finances for the better. Don’t hesitate – participate today!


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